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York EF210

York EF210 Heavy Duty Compressors                                    $375  FREE SHIPIING


Unlimited air source!  Large 10 cubic inch displacement fills tires fast!

Capable of 8+ CFM's, running air tools is not a problem anymore with this compressor


 When the York compressor is mounted on its side, the suction port MUST be on        the top in order to function properly.  Please make note on which side you plan on      laying the compressor and order accordingly.




15 lbs   11 x 8 x 8    

EF210L or EF210R


6 or 8 Groove Serpentine Clutches                                      $145   FREE SHIPPING


We stock 6 and 8 groove serpentine clutches for the York 210's.







10 lbs  9 x 9 x 4

6 Groove     25-513352


10 lbs  9 x 9 x 4

8 Groove     25-515376


2 V-Groove Clutch                                                                  $145   FREE SHIPPING


We stock 6 and 8 groove serpentine clutches for the York 210's.





10 lbs  9 x 9 x 4

2 V-Groove    25-501939-D 


Accessory Kit 2                                                         $315  FREE SHIPPING


COI-8923M                  Coalsecing Filter

CV1                            Check Valve

GA2BM                       2" Bottom Mount Gauge

KE-AM6                      6" Air Manifold

SP25                          Safety Valve

COI-OILRETURN         Oil Return Kit

                                              KE-SW1                     Toggle Switch

                                              99-431                        York Dipstick




6lbs     10 x 10 x 5 

Accessory Kit 2     KE-ACCKIT2


Air Tank Install Kit                                  $195/$225  FREE SHIPPING



(2)  QDM Quick Disconnects

(2)  H4-66M  Rubber Covers

(2)  BHFS1/4  Bulkhead Fittings

(2)  Mounting Brackets

(2)  271-0604  1/4" NPT Swivel Hose Fittings

(7)  271-0606  3/8" NPT Swivel Hose Fittings

                                                            (1)  274-0608  Female Hose Barb 

                                                            (2)  163-0400  1/4" NPT Plug

                                                            (2)  163-06003/8" NPT Plug

                                                            (1)  DC-38  Drain Valve

                                                            (2)  296-0606  Hose Mender




9lbs     8 x 8 x 8     

Air Tank Install Kit with 35' of Insta-Grip Air Hose     KE-AT-IK35

11lbs     12 x 9 x 5

Air Tank Install Kit with 50' of Insta-Grip Air Hose     KE-AT-IK50


Heavy Duty Coalescing Filter                                                                                     $115  



Removes 99.979% of solids and fluids down to 1 micron

3/8"  In/Out Ports

3.5 oz. bowl capacity

Easy filter element replacement-No Tools Required

Easy view sight glass

Height  6"

Width  3"

Weight  3/4lb




2 lbs     9 x 5 x 5

Coalescing Filter     COI-8923M


 Coalescing Filter Replacement Element                  $36 



Removes 99.979% of solids and fluids down to 1 micron










1 lbs     USPS Small Flat Rate

Coalescing Filter Replacement Element     COI-26C-14A


1.75 or 2.5 Gallon Air Tank                                 $65/$75 



These custom made tanks come with four 3/8" NPT ports and low profile mounts.  The tanks are powder coated semi-gloss black on the outside.

150 PSI max wqorking pressure.






11lbs   18 x 9 x 9

1.75 Gallon Air Tank     KE-AT1.75

14lbs   24 x 8 x 8

2.5 Gallon Air Tank      KE-AT2.5


Rotolock Fittings                                                                                        $52  Per Pair


Custom rotolock fittings utilize 1/2" NPT and can be used on Tube-O head compressors with our drop in adapters.  Comes complete with adapters, teflon seals, and Tube-O o-rings.





2 lbs  USPS Small

Rotolock Fittings   44760 


Flange Fittings                                                                                             $50  Per Pair


Custom flange head fittings utilize 1/2" NPT to make your connections fast and painless!  These inlcude the O-rings





2 lbs  USPS Small

Flange Fittings   28723 


Oil Return Kit                                                                                                          $45


This kit has everything you need to connect a valve and hose from the bottom of the coalescing filter to the Yorks' oil fill hole.  Now when the filter is filled with oil, you can turn the valve and the oil will flow back into the York.  8' of hose included.








2 lbs  USPS Small

Oil Return Kit     COI-OILRETURN


Intake Filter                                                                                                           $28


Durable carbon steel construction with a powder coated finish.  Fully drawn weatherhood- no welds to rust or vibrate loose.  Tubular silencing design.     

Tube is positioned to maximize attenuation and air flow while minimizing pressure drop.


1/2" NPT threads with 371-0808 coupling to allow for wasy installation with our flange fittings.  Manufactured by Solberg Mfg.




2 lbs  9 x 5 x 5

Intake Filter    FS-07-050


Pressure Regulator                                                                                                         $50


Regulate the pressure to your ARB's with this quality regulator.  Uses 3/16" NPT inlet and outlet.  1/8" NPT ports on either side to allow the installation of a pressure guage.








2 lbs  9 x 5 x 5

Pressure Regulator  COI-26R3


Pressure Switch                                                                                                                $40


120psi ON/150psi OFF 

Has a 10 amp contact rating and uses " NPT/








 lb  USPS Small Flat Rate

Pressure Switch  PSW1


Check Valve                                                                                $40


Revolutionary in design, this check valve also serves as the mount for the coalescing filter.

A universal steel mounting bracket is included.

3/8" NPT is used for fast air flow.






2lb  USPS Small Flat Rate

Check Valve  CV1


6" Air Manifild                                                                                              $40


CNC milled, 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and black anodized for corrosion resistence.  

Two 3/8" NPT inlet/outlet ports and five 1/4" NPT ports.

6" long x 1.5" widw x 1.25" Tall





2lb  USPS Small Flat Rate

6" Manifold  KE-AM6


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